Branded Packaging Boxes for Different Types of Products

Box packaging is one of those flexible, affordable and eco-friendly means to package goods. Its multiple applications and its universal applicability across different types of products make it a versatile packaging material. Boxes mostly come in two major formats – rigid and folding box packs.

Rigid Box Packaging – Rigid packaging is mainly used for large and very heavy goods, where weight and strength are required. Rigid box packaging comes in different types like corrugated, plastic, vinyl, polystyrene, or a composite of these materials. It is quite popular in food and beverage product packaging. The main advantage of rigid packaging is its durability, ability to withstand moisture and chemical reaction, resistance to heat and shrinkage and superior resistance to dents and scratches. Its most important feature is its ability to adhere to strict dimensional requirements.

Folding Box – Packaging Folding boxes are very popular in the food and beverage sector. They are mainly used for lightweight, perishable and sensitive items. Folding boxes come with smooth finishing and are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. They can be customized according to individual packing needs. These flexible boxes are preferred when it comes to protecting delicate and perishable food items, protecting from heat, saving on shipping costs, protecting from moisture during storage, and easy handling.

Cardboard Boxes – Another popular packaging option for many products is cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are made of either fiber or cardboard materials. Cardboard boxes are quite popular due to its energy efficiency and relative low cost. However, they lack flexibility and are unable to withstand extreme temperatures. High quality cardboard boxes are also available that are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals and pressure.

Corrugated Boxes are flexible but less sturdy than rigid boxes. They are popular for use in packing paper and wrapping supplies. However, their strength is largely limited by excessive bending. Because of this, packaging boxes made from corrugated material are mostly used for fragile items like flower pots and vases.

Hardboards Boxes – Hardboards are the perfect packaging options for perishable items. They are ideal for long-term storage because they are water resistant and can be laminated with plastic to make them even more durable. There are several types of hardboards available including marine grade and standard domestic hardboards. They can be stacked in multiple layers or can be laminated to make them more durable.


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