Car Shipping to Bowling Green – What to Know 

Bowling Green is a beautiful city in Florida. This is one of the many cities in Florida that expects hundreds of migrants throughout the year, apart from the visitors for some meetings and the tourists. All these visitors prefer commuting around the city with either their private vehicles or rentals. Car owners can ship their vehicles from their previous location to Bowling Green with the help of some shipping companies in the US.

The best way of shipping your vehicle to Bowling Green from any location is with the help of a car shipping company and Ship a Car, Inc. is your best choice in the US. They are in business for the past few decades and can help you ship your car from any location to Bowling Green. You can visit their webpage to know more.

Shipping to Bowling Green

Here is some information on the distance, price, and also possible time duration required for shipping any vehicle to Bowling Green from any location in the US.

  • From Tampa, it is 65 miles and will require 3 days’ shipment.
  • From Miami, it is 199 miles and requires 3 days for the shipment.
  • From Jacksonville, it is 222 miles away and this duration will also require 3 days for the shipment.
  • From Columbus, it is 1015 miles away and the required time duration is more than 6 days.
  • From Dallas, it is 1130 miles away and the required time is also 6 days.
  • From Kansas City, the distance is around 1286 miles away and the time duration is 6 days.
  • From Tucson, Bowling Green is 2070 miles away the time duration may extend to 8 days for the shipment.
  • From Las Vegas, the distance is 2356 miles and the time duration can extend to 8 days.

Available Options for the Shipment

Here are some of the options that are available for the easy shipment of any vehicle to Bowling Green.

  • Enclosed Shipping 

As the name says, this is the type of car shipment that is carried out inside the enclosed containers. This option includes some features such as,

  1. Fully covered trucks
  2. Hydraulic lift gates
  3. Suspension with air-compression

These features offer extra safety for the cars that are shipped in enclosed containers. The expert shipment handlers make sure that the vehicles that are transferred are given extra care till they reach their destinations.

  • Open-air Transportation 

Open-air transportation is one of the most preferred types of shipments that vehicle owners prefer for the transportation of their vehicles. This option is an economical and also efficient way of getting any vehicle to its destination.

  • Door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, and Port-to-port 

These options are available for people to get their car shipped to any destination of their preference. The shipping companies work on getting the vehicles to the required destination within the promised deadline and the owners can collect their vehicles from thereon.

Not all shipping companies work in the same way. Some companies may take different routes during the vehicle shipment to Bowling Green. Decide your mode of transportation and choose the company accordingly.


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