Designing a Stylish and Functional Home Office

Your home office does not have to be boring. Why not design a stylish space that you will love to work in? Think about these ideas for upgrading your home office.

Accessories for Your Desk

Your desk should look inviting and not cluttered, so invest in some attractive organizational tools. A decorative metal file tray can hold your folders in style. Add a nice-looking container for your pens, pencils, and paper clips. Instead of using a junky old phone that no one else wanted, purchase a sleek model that makes you want to place those business calls.

Good Lighting

You should have good lighting at your desk, so choose a desk lamp that is both decorative and functional. If you can move your desk close to a window, you will benefit from light from outside and improve your mood, too. In addition, you may want an overhead light that will illuminate the entire office on gloomy days. Don’t forget to think about how you look when you are making video calls. An inexpensive ring light will make you look fabulous on Zoom.


Plants are an excellent addition to a home office. Many plants will remove toxins from the air, and they all add oxygen. Plants are a calming influence, helping to keep you from getting frazzled. Of course, plants also look wonderful and go with any decor.


Colors can greatly influence your mood. Usually, greens and blues are calming, while warm colors such as red and orange are energizing. Yellow is cheerful. Whites and grays are neutral colors. So, think about what mood you want to set in your office, and consider what colors make you happy. Sometimes, just a pop of strong color is enough to liven up a mostly neutral color palette.

After giving some thought to how your home office looks and functions, you will have a wonderful space that supports you while you work.


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