Importance of Images for your Online Strategy

When you design your business website, you might not recognise immediately the ability of images to serve a purpose beyond looking good. Did you know that website images do so much than paint a pretty picture?

Images can include photos, cartoons, infographics, GIFs, and other visual elements. A lot of websites let you licence stock images rather than commission original photography. Because stock photos range in quality, ensure you choose fresh photos. If you Choose Web Design Agency In Singapore to design your site for you, they may help you understand the importance of images in your web strategy.

They Bring your Offers to Life

Images on your site tell a story that let your site visitors visualise your product or service and themselves using it. Images, when chosen correctly, will reflect your product and provide the opportunity to capture the attention of visitors even they read a word of text. Also, they help improve recall for your business later.

They Help your Site Appear in Search Results

When properly labelled with search-friendly metadata and captions, images let you create more content for search engines to index. This content will appear in search results and image searches, giving you opportunities to be found by your target audience.


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