Ultimate Reasons to Choose Cardboard Packaging Over Plastic Packaging for Your Products

Global warming has been a long-term concern for our eco-system. Governments have made various regulations to preserve nature. Adverse climatic conditions and harsh natural calamities are the results of bad activities of human. Cardboard and plastic packaging has played an important role in global warming. One has more advantages over the other due to its properties.

At Belley, you can get all designs and sizes of cardboard packaging for your products. For over 35 years, they are considered as the largest cardboard box manufacturers in the North America. They provide extensive packaging service through expert designers, advanced technologies and widespread warehousing capacity. You can get real-time update of your shipment with on-time delivery.

Here are the few advantages of using cardboard packaging –

  1. Ban on plastic products

Due to environmental concerns, many countries have banned the use of plastic products. Plastic products are single use items and are non-biodegradable. They cause severe damage to atmospheric ozone and creates imbalance in the environment. This causes global warming effects and possess treat to human health.

Cardboard is eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful substances. They do not cause any bad effects on the environment and human health. They are more preferred by consumers due to its varied uses and eco-friendly properties. Cardboards are easily decomposed and are biodegradable without releasing any harmful gases in the nature.

  1. Flexible usability

Plastic packaging comes in limited designs and sizes. They can withstand less weight as compared to cardboard packaging. Due to its smooth surface and harmful chemical content, all forms of designing and coloring on plastic packages are not possible.

Cardboard packaging is available in different shapes, sizes and designs to suit your requirement. They can easily be changed in different forms and crafted with varying designs. You can get large varieties of color choices with different coatings for cardboard packaging. They can easily be transformed from one form to other to fit your product. They are designed to bear the heavy load of your products.

  1. Reliability and durability

Plastic are more prone to wear and tear due to its low-strength fibres. Also, they do not provide better protection to your products against falls and hits during transportation.

Cardboard packaging is more reliable and durable due to its high strength to bear heavy loads. They provide better protection during shipment. They are available in varying thickness and sizes than plastic packaging. Based on cost analysis and usability, cardboard packing is more beneficial to industries and retailers. They are easy to access and can coat design on them at low-cost.


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