What Crucial Mistakes Site Owners Make While Doing SEO

If you are a blogger or young startup owner, then you must have done a lot of things that are beyond the scope of your usual course of actions. These things include designing your own logo, building links, promoting your content on social media or even writing hundreds of lines of codes. It’s all good in the beginning and equally justifiable too as you have limited funds. However, as you move ahead and start making some money from the business you are running, it’s important to make as fewer mistakes as possible in terms of SEO. Here are few such common mistakes you can avoid making for long-term success.

Writing Thin Content On Your Website

Back in 2010 or even years before it, people weren’t much concerned about writing long form content on their sites. Since Google never considered it as a ranking factor, they used to write 100-200 word posts and made a lot of money from them. It’s not like that anymore. Today, if you have everything in place but don’t write high-quality long-formate content pieces on your website, you cannot achieve high rankings consistently. It’s the biggest requirement to be successful online. So, don’t continue with thin content on your site anymore.

Buying Fake Reviews

This is another practice many people do on a regular basis. They use boats to increase number of social likes, comments, shares, and reviews. Well, all this might look good to your eye, but it won’t have any positive impact on search rankings in the long run. So, don’t be like those newbies who purchase fake social signals and reviews and show them off to everyone. Google knows everything and such actions will only make things worse for your website.

Trying To Do Everything By Self

SEO is a complex and long-term process that can only be executed by someone who is an expert, knows in and out about how search engine algorithms work, and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Since it’s not a one-person work, you need to hire a Singapore SEO agency for this role. The best thing about hiring an agency for SEO is that whatever you may need in terms of growing your site’s rankings, a good agency can provide you with that. So, don’t try to do everything by yourself when you can hire an expert and delicate the work load for better results.


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