What is Consumer Insight Reporting?

A consumer insight is the detail about what a customer really thinks about a business. If you hire a market research company to undertake the creation of a consumer insight report you’ll have access to unfiltered thoughts about your brand, your business, and the entire customer service journey and experience. Learning about these real truths about your business is sometimes the only way to understand the behaviours you’ve witnessed in your customers, and to understand the truest perception of your company. It is the perfect way to analyse current performance and to devise new plans to move forward with brand new marketing campaigns and the implementation of new products and services.

Utilising the services of a professional consumer insight reporting company allows you to gain accurate data and information, put together in a simple fashion that allows for careful analysis and consideration and turning it into an actionable process.

Consumer insights are so powerful for businesses as it helps them to make better decisions about all sorts of aspects of the business. Consumer data is always sought for through internal processes, whether it is through customer surveys at the point of sale or through a post-purchase care service, or through social media and other marketing channels. The challenges posed by this concern the integrity of the data collected. This isn’t to say that customers will outright lie to a company they have just purchased a product or service from, but they are unlikely to tell the entire truth (unless they have something to complain about).

By gaining truthful consumer insights in this type of report you can begin, as a business, to focus on the actual genuine problems that you are facing. It allows you to cut through the rubbish and ask the real questions that need to be answered. Depending on your specific business practice this could be anything from how to change the perception of the brand to potential customers, or something more specific like how to arrest the decline in sales figures over the past 6-months.

With the vast array of channels and devices through which the modern day consumer make purchases, it can be hard to discover the correct means of collecting and collating consumer insights. This is where the professional assistance comes in handy. It helps you to create simple consumer insights that can be used to motivate your staff, just a few sentences at most. Something that is easy to wrap your head around. Alongside this however good consumer insight allows you to marry this approach with detailed consumer profiles and customer journeys. You should be able to identify which types of customer purchase your products and services through which means. This also allows you to see the common sticking points in each journey, whether a person has purchased a product from a physical store in person, or bought a service via a smartphone app. There will always be options open to your consumers and you have to be ready to act, collecting the right data, at the right time, to improve company standards.


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