Can You Get A Loan Without Having A Good CIBIL Score?

If you are a fresher when it comes to availing of credit facilities and have no credit history, the probability of having a zero CIBIL score is high. Do not worry since you can still look out for getting instant personal loans without a good credit score. You can search for online loan providers without a credit score.

You can select many alternatives regarding taking out of an instant cash loan, even with a zero credit score or weak CIBIL score. The most sought-after ones are stated below:

  • Banks and NBFCs:

There are many banks and NBFCs giving instant credit for those with less CIBIL or can get instant personal loans with zero CIBIL. However, the interest rates on personal loans charged to people having a low or nil score could be higher when compared to those people who already have a good credit score.

This is because an NBFC loan with no CIBIL comes with a risk element of loan payment default to the lenders.

  • Digital lending options:

If you are searching for a quick loan with no CIBIL and proof of income, you can look out for an online loan app and other options. These days, several virtual platforms offer a loan without going through any CIBIL assessment since they tend to conduct their credit evaluation according to their tools and policies.

  • Include a co-applicant:

If you are struggling to get any loan with no credit score, you can opt to apply via any bank or NBFC by adding the name of a co-applicant in your loan application.

  • Provide proof of income:

Few lenders or even a loan app India might give out short-duration instant cash loans without any CIBIL score if you have a good monthly income and can give away proof. Also, you can display proof of any extra income, such as a bonus, savings interest, or increment.

Most banks and NBFCs provide personal loans with a score of 750 or more. If you have zero or low credit scores but still desire to obtain a loan, an instant personal loan app can be your friend in need. You can check out some amazing zero CIBIL score loan apps.

Which factors have an impact on your credit score?

The main reason for having a low credit score may be any, as stated below:

  • Having various unsecured loans
  • Any default in making your loan payments
  • Having a high credit utilization score and ratio, that is, greater than 30% of the available limit
  • Rejection of loan applications numerous times within a short period
  • An un-diverse mix of credit
  • Various hard credit inquiries

How can you boost your CIBIL score?

When applying for an instant personal loan online, you can assess your instant credit score and take relevant steps to boost it.

  • Pay off your loan EMIs along with your credit card bills in a full and timely manner
  • Make it a point to keep your credit utilization ratio low; less than 30% of the available credit limit is suggested
  • Refrain from making excessive hard inquiries
  • Please stay away from your unsecured credit cards since it can improve your utilization ratio


It would help if you concentrated on fixing your CIBIL score, which can be done by making quick loan repayments, trying to foreclose them, and not making numerous credit inquiries quickly.


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