How To Choose A Maritime Consultant: Questions You Should Ask

Maritime consultants can help you with your shipping needs, from vessel construction to ship brokering. However, for a maritime consulting service to be helpful, they need to have the right skills and experience for your job.

Questions to ask before choosing a maritime consulting service:

1. What is the consultant’s experience in the maritime industry?

It’s important to choose a consultant with extensive experience and knowledge in the maritime industry. In addition, they should have specific experience with your type of vessel or operation, as well as regulatory requirements in your region.

2. What security and safety credentials do they have?

Although maritime consultants don’t need to be licensed, you should ensure that your chosen consultant has the proper training and experience with vessel operations. In addition, maritime consultants often help companies meet strict international regulations for vessels or oil rigs, so they must be familiar with these requirements.

3. What is their security policy?

Make sure that your maritime consultant has a clear and up-to-date written plan for how they will handle physical, personnel, or cyber security. In addition, it would help if you asked about the standards to which they hold themselves and their subcontractors, vendors, and any other parties involved with projects.

In conclusion, the maritime industry is complex and risks shipping companies should know. A qualified consulting company will help you understand the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences associated with your vessel or business operations.


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