Improving Customer Service Teams

The best customer service agents have a calm sensibility about them. They understand what is expected of them, how to interact with customers with compassion, but also with a directness and responsible approach that allows for fast and accurate delivery of resolutions to any problem or challenge brought forward by a customer. They also understand that process is king, and that by getting the fundamentals correct, and a strong foundation of process and approach the brand integrity and consistency of high customer service standards can be maintained over a long period of time.

The best customer service agents are those that understand that time is of the essence. No one wants to spend ages on the phone with a company, especially if they are phoning with a complaint. The best customer service teams will have access to a customer’s information almost immediately after a phone call is answered. With a reliable software system and a clear plan of action and understanding of the required processes, the best agents will understand what to do quickly to resolve any issue.

Patience is another key attribute for customer service agents, as is positivity. We all know that in customer service or sales roles that there will be times where you are facing negativity from the customer or potential customer. It can be dreary to face these types of calls time and again. Patience and confidence is key therefore, with a positive attitude to every new call key to understanding that you are performing your end of the deal well, and as a result the vast majority of interactions with customers will be deemed a success.

On top of these traits it is important that customer service agents are compassionate and have empathy for customers, having the imagination to step into the shoes of the person they are speaking with and having an understanding of why they are making the call. This helps to build a relationship of trust with the customer, demonstrating that you genuinely care about them and are doing everything you can to bring about a considered resolution to the issue at hand.

If you are looking to improve your customer service standards it is important to provide extensive training for your in-house staff. Another option is to employ the services of a professional contact centre team. This could be a chance to provide a great level of customer service standards to your customers without having to put up the cost of hiring specialist employees and having the space in the workplace and the equipment to have such a team in place. It also ensures that the team you are hiring are highly trained in the art of customer service, having all of the above traits.

Whether you need out of hours support, overflow services, or a sole customer service team representing you, find a contact centre service that trains its staff in your brand ideals, your products and services, and ensures integrity and consistency of brand, as well as high and consistent customer service standards.


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